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R 1,760 Mecer IVR-1200LBKS 1200VA, 720W, 12V DC-AC Inverter
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Mecer 1200VA, 720W, 12V DC-AC Inverter with LCD Display. *Cables are included to connect to the battery, 1x cable to connect to a South African 3pin wall socket is included. Requires 1x 12V deep cycle battery *Please take note of connection: Connect RED cable to (+) on battery and the (+) on the unit, and BLACK cable to (-) on battery and the (-) on the unit. Place cable lug directly onto the battery terminal first, follow up with the washer and then the lock washer, and then the nut. Do not put a washer between the battery terminal and cable. Connect the positive cable first. Follow instructions in manual. ..

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